2047Servers Closure

Posted on Mar, 1st 2014 by 2047G Corbx

2047Servers will be closing down as it has been sold to two larger partnered providers for game servers.

Existing Game Server Customers (Hosted Game Servers) will have been notified about the transition to another company that will be taking over the hosting of your game server.

Dedicated Server Customers will have also been notified if they have been transferred to another hosting company (Server will still stay with them, it is just the company providing the server itself along with the support)

A few long term customers will still be staying with 2047Servers during this long term down time.

We plan to use this down time to progress with some important overdue projects that we are wanting to complete this year, including 2047GCP - Our own Game Server Control Panel Software

Eventually the plan is to bundle 2047GCP with 2047Servers to unify support & development between both systems.

If you need any more information feel free to contact us support@2047servers.co.uk