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FTP (Filezilla)

Filezilla is a well known Free FTP client, But you can use any other FTP software that you like in order to FTP connect to your server.


We do offer FTP install & setup for your Servers, If so we will either use VSFTPD or ProFTPD


As Shown above

 In Red - Host (IP of the server)  
 In Green - Username (Who you want to login as) 
 In Yellow - Password (Password for that user) 

On a default FTP you can leave the port blank (It will try to use Port 21) you only need to use a port number if you have changed the FTP server settings.


Once you are connected, you will be able to navigate through the folders of the server. Aswell as Uploading / Downloading files.

See a more in depth guide to Filezilla / FTP

RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol - Windows)

Windows OS's have a built in Remote Desktop Client for connecting to other Windows OS's including Windows Server


By default we will setup Remote Desktop on your Server, You can always add extra users by changing the remote settings (as shown in this image) Users must be on this remote access list else they won't be able to remotely log into the server (even if they have an account)


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