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Copy the commands within the code boxes and paste/run them in Putty

First you will need to connect to your server using Putty (SSH) in order to do this install See - Connecting to your server


Making a folder for the server

You will need to make a folder somewhere that the server files will be installed (If you have done this, skip this part)

The most common or best place to put most of your files on a server is in the /home folder

Change Directory to /home

cd /home

Now make a folder e.g. TF2_Server Note to change the "TF2_Server" to the servers name or folder name

mkdir TF2_Server

Now go into that folder

cd TF2_Server

Now you have a new / clean folder you can being to download & install the files for the server.

Installing SteamCMD + SRCDS

First you will need to download SteamCMD (The new Server tool from Valve) in order to download Steam & then SRCDS (Source Dedicated Server) for CSGO use


After downloading you will need to extract the contents of the compressed file

tar xvfz steamcmd_linux.tar.gz

Then you will need to run SteamCMD for the first time


Running this command will check for SteamCMD updates to the updater, when it is done it will allow you to input commands

At the point where you see "Steam>" This is where you can either login as your steam account or login as anonymous (Benefits for linking your server to a Steam account is that steam will add it to their trusted 3rd party servers list in some of their games, so it will appear on the server browser better)

Logging in anonymously

login anonymous

Logging in as your account (Note it is best to create a separate account for this, or you will have to logout of Steam while you are using these commands)

login <username>

It should then ask for your password & you may have to enter your Steam Guard Password once it emails you one (if you have Steam Guard enabled on your account)

Downloading TF2

Once you have done the tasks above you can now install a Steam Game Server, To install TF2 to the current folder you command

force_install_dir ./TF2/
app_update 232250 validate

232250 is the app id for TF2

This will check the current folder & download any / all missing files for a TF2 Server (you can use this command to re-download files that you may have deleted

TF2 Will now download (Should go very fast with our network speeds on our servers)

Running TF2 via Screen

When you go to run the game server you want it to run in the background even when you disconnect from Putty, you will find if you just leave it running & close Putty you will kill the server (kills any processes you left running)

The way you keep a process running while you disconnect, is by making a session (using screen) Note to change the "TF2_Server" to the servers name or folder name

screen -S TF2_Server

Now you will notice you are on a new session with a clean view of Putty

Now you can run your TF2 Server Note to change the values in this line e.g. max players, port etc...

Max Players - up to 32, Port (Best to use unused ones e.g. 25XXX-27XXX

./srcds_run -game tf +map pl_goldrush +maxplayers 32 -port 27000 +exec server.cfg

If all done right your server should start up fine & the last thing it should say is "VAC Secure" or something very simular, If not try downloading the files again, just incase it missed a few (highly unlikly)

Now you can Disconnect from the session

Using Keys "Ctrl + A + D" at the same time

Reconnecting to the process / session

Once you have a session running you may want to recconnect to it as the server may crash, or you may want to turn it off or restart etc...

First you will need to find what sessions are running & their process id

screen -ls


As you see in my screenshot, i have 2 Screen Sessions running, if i want to connect to 2047Servers session i would use the numbers on the left

screen -r 7354

Note Change the ID numbers to what your ones are

Potential Errors

Upon running TF2 Server you may get this error, this error happens when there is wrong characters inside the steam_appid.txt file.

Unable to load Steam support library

Solution : Edit the steam_appid.txt file & make sure only "440" is in the file, nothing else, no spaces. Save & Close then you server should start fine

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