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X2GO Server Install

NOTE - These instructions are for Ubuntu Versions - Other Linux versions may or may not work with X2GO, please look at XRDP or VNC

Installing X2GO Server should be quite easy, it will take a while as you have to pre-install a desktop onto the server before you remote connect to it (else you wont see anything as there won't be a remote desktop to show.

Use these commands to install what you need.

Install python - needed for many programs to run in the desktop & useful tools

apt-get -y install python-software-properties

Install Ubuntu Desktop & Gnome desktop environment

apt-get -y install ubuntu-desktop  gnome-session-fallback

Add X2GO Repository so you can download X2GO (Stable version)

add-apt-repository ppa:x2go/stable

Check & Download Updates for all packages installed

apt-get update

Install all downloaded updates

apt-get upgrade

Install X2GO Server

apt-get -y install x2goserver x2goserver-xsession

After this you should be able to connect using the X2Go Client (see below)

Using X2GO (Remote Desktop - Linux)

X2GO Is a popular Remote Desktop Client for connecting to Linux servers / desktops, The client can be ran on Linux, Windows & Mac Computers so you can use it to remotely manage your Linux servers using a GUI

Download X2GO


To Add a Server, Open X2GO Client > Session > New Session

Type in the Server Name (This is just an easy name for you to call your server e.g. the Location / Server Number is a good choice Host : This is the IP Address of your server Login : Username to login as (you can use any local user account e.g. root, or another user you create on the server) SSH Port: This is the port your SSH Service is running on - Default 22 Session Type: Choose GNOME as it's the one we use in this tutorial & the one to use for Ubuntu Systems.



If you are using Ubuntu as your server OS. Create the session using "Session Type - GNOME"

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