About Us.

The2047Group - Since 2007

This group was setup as a holding group for all of our 2047 Sub Sites. This site wont serve much of a purpose other than being an informational site about all of our 2047 Sub Sites


2047Games - Since 2009

2047Games is our biggest site yet, This is our Gaming Group what we record gaming videos to be uploaded on YouTube. With over 3,500 Subscribers & a further 3,000+ in our social groups this is our biggest group yet.

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2047WebDesign - Since 2009

This is our Web Design Service Website. We currently offer our web design services out to anyone. Because we have many websites of our own our experience in web design has grown over the years. We will also be offering hosting services.


2047FX - Since 2011

2047FX was started up in 2011, because we do allot of media design for when we make our own logos and intros along with video effects we thought we might make another service site to offer our services out to others. We mainly offer free design services for video intros, YouTube backgrounds & other media items yet these will retain a watermark with our name on it.

YouTube Channel   Website

2047Servers - Since 2011

2047Servers was also setup in 2011, because we started to provide our own servers for various Valve games we created a new site that would sell game servers to anyone at far better prices that the big names in the industry. 2047Servers prices are around 50% cheaper than the top providers yet we still retain high quality servers along with a personal level of support from our community admins.