Last Updated December 24th 2012

Terms & Conditions

The2047Group & its sub-sites reserves the rights to change the terms, conditions & its policy’s at any time, if you have a contracted service with us you will be notified in advance of any changes that may or may not affect you.


The2047Group & its sub-sites reserves the right to cancel any contracted service you may have with us at any time.

We will terminate accounts that do not comply with our polices as stated on our policy information page.

We do have a warning system in place, so in some cases you will be notified if you are breaking the rules. This does not apply if you are breaking multiple rules as you will be instantly banned from using our services this is to protect our network & reputation as a host. Refunds will not be giving for users that are abusing our service(s) or breaking rules as stated below.

If you have any concerns about anything on our policy feel free to email our sales team to get a better understanding on how this may affect you.

By accessing or using our site or any of its services you agree to these terms use, conditions, our policies (as detailed below) & all applicable laws.


2047Servers has the right to update its prices at any given time.

Monthly prices are not locked in, if you take out a service & pay 1 month at a time you will be effected by the price changes when it comes to renewal date. We do offer the option pay for long periods of time in advance for all services to make sure your total cost is locked in at that current price.

Deal prices are not extendable past their expiry date, if you wish to purchase an item at a deal price for a long time please purchase the service for a long duration while the deal is on to save you money in the long run. The renewal price after the deal has expired will be the full up to date price as found on the website.

Any questions email our sales team - (Sales Team)


For any reason you are not happy with the service we are providing after you have received your server from us we offer;

48 hour (2day) Money Back Guarantee for our Dedicated Servers.

168 hour (7day) Money Back guarantee for our Indidual Game Servers.

Just email our sales team with your account information along with a reason, this is so we can improve our services from your feedback.

Refunds will not be eligible for users that abuse our systems or do not comply with our policies below

Privacy Policy

Regarding to The2047Group & its Sub Sites.

Log Files / Website Analytics

Like many other websites, all sites from The2047Group including 2047Servers makes use of log files. The information collected in these log files relate to IP addresses, Internet Service Provider, Type of Browser, Operating System, Date & Time Stamp, Referring pages & Exit Links, This is used to track the movement of our visitors on our site & help us improve on our website usability.

Cookies, Web Beacons & Advertisements

All sites from The2047Group including 2047Servers use cookies to store information about visitors preferences, this may record user-specific information on pages the users visit.

Some of our advertising partners may use cookies and web beacons on our site. Our advertising partners include Infolinks & Google Analytics.

Information about our third party ads & opt out options use these links - Google Privacy | Infolinks Ads

We use third-party advertising companies to serve ads when you visit our website. These companies may use information (not including your name, address, email address, or telephone number) about your visits to this and other websites in order to provide advertisements about goods and services of interest to you

Usage Policy

Although we offer an unlimited usage* for some of our services there are some guidelines, these are set in place to ensure the security & contingency of our services.

Internet Abuse

You may not use our network to engage in, foster, or promote illegal, abusive, or irresponsible behavior including:

Unauthorized access to or use of date, systems or networks including any attempts to probe scan or test the security of a system or network.

Copyrighted Material

You may not use our network or equipment to download, publish, distribute, or otherwise copy in any form any text, audio, video, software, art, images, or any other protected work by copyright laws unless you have been given permission by the owner.

Bandwidth Usage Policy

Each service we sell will state the amount of bandwidth you are limited to, yet you do have the option to purchase extra if needed. The amount provided are far more than we will expect any of our customers to use, so that is why we make it high so it's not a constant worry each month.

For any reason that you may require extra bandwidth our standard rate is $25/2500gb (2.5tb), contact our (Sales Team)

Services that go over their bandwidth usage will still be able to have network connectivity but at a severely reduced rate.

Intellectual Property / User Data

Any data created on any of our servers or services belongs to their owner / customer that the service is registered / billed to. You agree that we (2047Servers & Its Staff) will have access to this data.

As all data will be generated by the user(s) or owner of this service or server provided by us you are therefore responsible for the data that is stored. If one or more of your service(s) or server(s) are due to expire please ensure that all data you wish to be deleted has been deleted before the service(s) or server(s) expire. 2047Servers will not be responsible for data that has been left on their account(s) / server(s) after they expire.


We at 2047Servers have very strong values when it comes to support, we go above and beyond with our customer relations as we are a gaming community ourselves at 2047Games.

For our Game Server Customers

We will always be willing to help out any of our customers with their issues yet we may not be able to solve all of them. When it comes down to 3rd party content & mods to the original games the best people that should know how to fix issues would be the content creators themselves. We cannot offer full support on 3rd party content, please contact the 3rd party software provider or check their support forums.

If you are a Game Server rental customer you can use the built in support system in our control panel to submit tickets to our support team

When submitting a support ticket it is helpful if you could include as much information as possible, you should have access to a web console / server logs (depending on the game server you have they may be stored in different locations) it is wise to check these as you may find it’s just a case of a missing file you forgot to upload or a mistype in a config file.

For our Dedicated Server Customers

Our support does cover the hardware of the dedicated server but unlike other hosts we do offer limited support & advice on software like FTP, Game Servers and Web Servers but cannot guarantee help or advise you on all software.

Upon the first installation We will happily setup your server with the basics like FTP Server, SSH (Linux) & in some cases Remote Desktop (Ubuntu Linux OS - X2GO or VNC) (Windows OS - RDP).

For other requests please contact our Support Team & we will advise you on questions you may have

Server OS Reinstalls - We do have the ability to reinstall your servers OS, this maybe limited by the location in which your server is hosted, for all of our dedicated servers we offer 1 free install, additional reinstalls after this will come at a charge of $30 (This is to cover a technicians time of reinstalling the server) - Server reinstallations may take up to 7 working days, depending on staff available at the time.

Please do not ask support to install / remove software, create or manage user accounts, install mods or add-ons for game servers or setup the game servers themselves, setup databases, control panels or create you websites. Our support is not here to run your Servers or Community for you, we are only here for assistance & support regarding the hardware you are renting.

To contact support for issues / questions about your services either email our Support Team They will aim to contact you back within 2-3 working days.

If you check out many of our reviews on our online shop you will find many of our customers say our support is the best in the business.

Feel free to join our gaming community group & chat with our members / admins & even get to play with them online.

Online Support Wiki

We do have a support Wiki that has many guides on common problems / issues as well as guides for setting up servers / software (for our dedicated server customers) See our Support Wiki

Personal / Extra Support

Personal Support upon request is $25/Hour (Pre Booked Only), We will help with installation of software, control panels, game servers (Installation only), basic troubleshooting & error help. Note we cannot support everything & will not support software that is not made for the hardware / OS of the server you are using.

If you do request personal support at short notice you maybe charged more than our standard rate of $25/hour & it will appear on your next bill

Contact our Support Team for more info.