New Dedicated Servers

Posted on Nov, 3rd 2013 by 2047G Corbx

New Dedicated Servers & New Locations!

We are slowly adding a new range of dedicated servers as promised for 2014, each year we aim to improve our service we offer & the range of services we provide.

There will be a news post for what’s coming in 2014 for 2047Servers.

We now have servers for sale in UK, Canada & Some more USA Locations. Server specs have been upgraded at the same time, so we continue to offer latest spec hardware for all of our servers.

There is also a new range of super servers coming for those experts that need a high capacity server at reasonable costs.

We have also boosted allot of our features on most of our servers mainly Bandwidth & connection speeds

Use Discount code DEDI14 for 14% off any dedicated server.

Visit our Dedicated Server Shop

$5 Game Servers!

Posted on Sep, 8th 2013 by 2047G Corbx

$5 Game Servers are back again!

This is a deal event we do every so often @2047Servers, you can get any game server for only $5/Month!

This deal event will only be on for a few weeks*. so if you wanted to add a few more servers to your community, have a test server or give your community the chance to try out some other game servers now is the perfect time to buy.

Choice of Games Included

  • CoD 4 - <24 Slot
  • CS 1.6 - <24 Slot
  • CS Zero - <24 Slot
  • CS:Source - <24 Slot
  • CS:GO - <24 Slot
  • Day Of Defeat - <24 Slot
  • DoD:Source - <24 Slot
  • Garry's Mod - <24 Slot
  • Left 4 Dead - 8 Slot
  • Left 4 Dead 2 - 8 Slot
  • Minecraft - 10 Slot
  • Craftbukkit - 10 Slot
  • Minecraft Tekkit - 10 Slot
  • Team Fortress Classic - <24 Slot
  • Team Fortress 2 - <24 Slot
  • Optional Extra to boost player slots / RAM for only $5 more per server

    *This deal is only limited to the first 100 Sales

    There is no limit on the duration on which you purchase this deal. So if you wanted a server for multiple months now is the time to get it while it is on deal.

    Visit our Game Server Shop

    A New range of dedicated servers are available for purchase.

    We have added a new set of large / super dedicated servers to our shop, these servers can be used to host a large number of game servers / or be used for other uses.

    We are still sticking the the Intel i Series of processes for these new Super Servers because of their high performance.

    On Selected New 2013 Dedicated servers we have boosted the connection speed Double the connection speed (200MB) & Double the traffic (20TB) ! As it is needed on larger servers like these to keep pings down low

    For a limited time only we are offering 10% off all Dedicated Servers

    Get 10% off any Dedicated Server when using code "NEWDEDI13" - Visit our Dedicated Server Shop

    Weekend Downtime Report

    Posted on Apr, 14th 2013 by 2047G Corbx

    Over this weekend we have been updating & bug fixing parts of our Control Panel system with Servers France 02 & 03 & also Germany 02, If your game server was hosted on any of these hosts you may have had some downtime either Saturday or Sunday.

    The downtime is now over, our Control Panel should be working much better now, a few bug fixes include better support for large uploads via the web, we also have a new Mobile version of our control panel so you can manage your game servers via your smart phone! (Details will be posted in another post soon)

    Because of the downtime over the weekend we will extend our current deals until the end of next month!

    Adverage uptime before this weekend was 162days!

    Note, you can order extra time / renew your server early to take advantage of the current discounts.

    Current headline offers

    10% off all Dedicated Servers when using code: DEDI13

    15% off all Game Servers when spending $25+ when using code: GS25

    20% off Minecraft / Craftbukkit Servers when using code: 2047MC

    25% off all Game Servers when spending $100+ when using code: GS100

    Offer ends 31st May 2013

    New Card Payment Option

    Posted on Mar, 23rd 2013 by 2047G Corbx

    We have recently added a new payment gateway so customers can pay now using Moneybrookers as well as PayPal, this will help some users that want to pay using card payment that cannot go through PayPal. PayPal does offer a guest checkout for users without PayPal if they have a support Debit/Credit card (Visa or Mastercard), Moneybrookers offer a wider range of Debit/Credit card support.

    We are looking into BitCoin as our next payment option as it is becoming more widly used and adopted by other places online.

    We also have our prices now in 3 different currency’s including;

    USD $    EUR €    GBP £

    Current headline offers

    10% off all Dedicated Servers when using code: DEDI13

    15% off all Game Servers when spending $25+ when using code: GS25

    20% off Minecraft / Craftbukkit Servers when using code: 2047MC

    Offer ends 31st May 2013

    2047Games Minecraft Server!

    Posted on Mar, 2nd 2013 by 2047G Corbx

    Finally we are ready to relaunch our Public Minecraft Server (Survival), its been in private mode for a year or so due to its popularity we had to limit it to a select 250 players.

    It will only be a 50 Slot for now, but we are looking to increase it to a 100 slot or open multiple Minecraft Servers

    Here are some screenshots of it so far, we have made a new map for this one but we have still got the old server map available to play on.

    20% off Minecraft / Craftbukkit Servers when using code: 2047MC

    Offer ends 31st March 2013

    New Reseller Packages!

    Posted on Jan, 28th 2013 by 2047G Corbx

    New for 2013, Reseller Packages!

    That’s right you can now sell 2047Servers Game Servers as a reseller & earn money doing it.

    You get a reseller account so you can use our top hardware & services without the worry of having to setup Servers, FTP’s, Databases, Game Server Templates, Control Panel systems etc… It’s all done for you.

    No long contracts, no upfront big costs, just the price of the reseller package you are after.

    Setup servers in a range of locations; currently choose from France, Germany & Montreal. More locations coming this year.

    See our shop for more details

    Well 2012 has been a crazy year for the2047group, we have done many great things during 2012. We have done many gaming events giving our community lots of chances to win great games & prizes what has helped us grow to our size of which we are today.

    We have another big year planned for 2013, at 2047servers we wish to expand into US market and maybe some other areas. We will be looking to offer more games servers at our amazing prices as well as our dedicated servers.

    We have a new bulk / resellers packages being sorted for early 2013 what offer our services at an even more amazing price so other people can then start reselling game servers at great prices.

    Stay tuned for more updates throughout the year.

    See the Announcement page for more information

    Read the New Years Announcement